Images! Photos! Graphics! Oh, My!

by Lyndi

You have lots of options for buying and selling images for your projects.  Keep in mind you can also donate and sell images you’ve created too!  Every stock photography company has it’s own rules of course, so you’ll want to check with whomever you decide to sell or donate your images through.  Now on to finding your perfect image.

Did you know that travel offices of countries, and regions often times have a stock photo section that you may use with limited copyright information?  These tourism office have made images available to make it easier for reporters to say good things about them and promote their area for tourism.

Clonard Monastery

Clonard Monastery via gotobelfast/flickr

Find the country or company of interest and check their media or press section.   You may be surprised at what you find they’ve provided.  Even some celebrities have images available for public use.

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind too, such as public domain.  These are images that have been donated for the public good, a government agency has created the image or the copyright has expired because of it’s age.  For instance over at Yahoo’s Flickr the US library of Congress has a photo stream.  They’ve scanned in images that are available for the public, they are the caretakers of those images and they’re making them available for the people.  Wikipedia also has a collection of public domain images available along with a list of where to find more public domain images.

Resources for public domain images:

G.G.B. in Stutz

G.G.B. in Stutz via The Library of Congress/flickr

There is also Creative Commons licensing where the creator of the work allows some uses but not others and usually just wants credit.  They have licensing such as:


For detailed information about the Creative Commons Licensing check out .

A great place to find creative commons images available are on  You need to use the advanced search to find them though. near the bottom of the page you can choose creative commons for commercial and find something that may work for you.

You can also use Google’s advance image search:

MSN appears to have some graphics available too, I’m not sure the copyright requirements, but currently you can download images at no cost.

And of course you can purchase stock photography.  <—have used them, love them…but apparently so does everyone else, cause I see images I choose on other blogs too.  <—used them too, so far so good!

Happy hunting for your perfect image!


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