Happy Social Media Day!

by Lyndi

One more with the balloons :)

Image courtesy of flickr/CharlotteSpeaks?{Charlotte.Morrall}

Mashable has declared June 30th for the first time Social Media Day! Hurray, media is in full force and shareable! It’s social! Here are two of my most used social media sites:

www.facebook.com – its fun to learn more, become more acquainted and keep up with friends, family and associates who post pictures and info. While you can comment on what they’ve mentioned you should still call them on occasion, because not everyone puts there private info and happenings online. It helps keep you connected. You can put photos, videos, posts and its a hub of social activity!

www.twitter.com – you can talk to anyone who also has the service in real time. They can also get your message later, they may not respond… but you can say it directly to them. You only get 144 characters to make your point, so it helps you get clear on what you want to say and prioritize. Twitter is also like an chat room that’s open for the world read. Plus Google likes it!

What are you favorite social media sites and why?

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