Did you ever wonder? How does Google’s Search Work?

by Lyndi

Here’s our friend Matt Cutts explaining how Google searches work. How/What kinds of questions Google’s software uses to retrieve your search. So when you go to www.google.com and put in whatever you’re looking for they can find it and return reliable information. We all like reliable information. Plus it only takes about 1/2 a second!

The illustration reminds me of the medical library basement up at the University of Utah, it was the first time I’d seen moving bookcases.

I like that he explains they do their best to be impartial and that they don’t accept payment for adding a site, updating it more often or improve the ranking of a site.

On an SEO angle, He mentions: How many times does this website or page mention the keywords you’re looking for? Do the words appear in the title? URL? directly adjacent and does it contain synonyms for those keywords? What is the quality of the website? What is the page rank? (How many other outside websites are pointing links to the site? How important are those links? i.e. Government sites are more reliable than Crazy Joe’s website.) This is the idea that if a website is quality then it will have many links from other individuals on the internet pointing and sharing to this usable/reliable site.


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