Demographics. Who is your customer?

by Lyndi

Every business owner needs to know who their audience is.  Your business needs to speak the language of the community and feel their pain and help solve their problems.   To more effectively do that its great to know a few interesting facts about the kinds of folks who are listening to your message.  That’s where demographics come in.  Who is your ideal customer?  Age, family, religion, education level?  Any number of factors can help you figure out who your clients are.  Where they’re hanging out and what they’re concerned about.  If you don’t know who they are here is a great tool to check out and if you’ve been online a while you’ll have enough history to glean a few fun facts about your community.

I’ve never used this service, I’m not an affiliate for them, but I did find the information they’ll share very interesting and they’ll do a complimentary search for you and you can search your competition over at you can also see who your audience is and what other sites they may likely have an affinity for.

Here is the report for Some interesting facts about the community Franklin Covey attracts as suggested by QuantCast are that their customers are more likely to be women without children under 17 years old with an annual income of $60k-$100k+ that they’ve graduated college and are probably Caucasian and are 35 years of age or older.

Don’t think that those women are the only people who purchase from Franklin Covey, they’ll sell almost anyone their products and services.  However by knowing who is likely to purchase from them they can streamline their advertising dollars and focus on where to spend their time looking for their clients.

Quantcast also suggests that the individuals who visit would also like stores like Office Depot, Staples, then under hobbies they have listed Joann Craft Stores and Micheal’s Craft Stores.

Now that you’ve figured out who your community is, figure out where they’re hanging out.  Now go hang out there, too!


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