Book Report – The 5 Languages of Appreciate in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White.

by Lyndi

I read a book! Yay! Here’s a quick run down of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White (Who also wrote The 5 Love Languages Books too):

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The premise of the book is that everyone has a primary and secondary “language” of appreciation. When employees feel appreciated they also feel valued. When we feel valued our level of job satisfaction rises. But of course there is a catch! “Appreciation needs to be viewed as valuable to the recipient in order to have an impact.”

The 5 languages are (with examples):

Words of Affirmation
Verbal thanks, thanks in an email and a nice handwritten note of thanks. (Oprah has a great tip on this one, make your note on only one side of a card or slip, so the receiver can frame it if they wish.)

McKinley Photo, Message and Dates

McKinley Photo, Message and Dates

Tangible Gifts
These don’t have to be actual things but can also be experiences, awards, sporting event tickets, gift card to a restaurant, tickets to cultural events, small vacations/retreats, certificates for spa/manicure, round of golf, shopping “bucks” or other gift cards.

Quality Time
Share a meal, a check-in visit, take a walk together, “hang-out” or enjoying a sports event together playing or spectating.

Acts of Service
Help complete a project, make someone’s computer work more efficiently, volunteer to do a task you know the recipient doesn’t care for or bring food/beverage to someone while they’re deep in a project.

Physical Touch
(this one is the trickiest because of personal boundaries and cultural norms) High five, fist bump, handshake, pat on the back/shoulder, or a work and situation appropriate hug.

Just in case the above gif doesn’t work for you:

A company with excellent leadership will recognize they have many different individuals in their organization and will allow for and encourage appreciation in all forms.  Your customers also have their own love languages.  How does the company you’re making or are with currently take these ideas into account? How are you going to implement them in your business?


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